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Functional, safe, fault-free and frequently serviced facilities are the foundation for any type of operation, regardless of the sector or industry.

Our all-inclusive maintenance solutions help keep your facilities in excellent condition. We provide technical guidance to make maintaining the value of your property achievable and affordable, with good quality, thus providing peace of mind to corporations.

Air Conditioner



General Finishing

Air Conditioning

Air conditioner preventive maintenance: includes condensers and evaporators, exterior and interior cleaning, pressure, amperage and voltage checks, etc.



Review of electrical installations, regular and emergency lighting (light bulbs, spots, ballasts, fluorescent lamps, mercury bulbs, halogen bulbs, quartz bulbs, etc.), simple and regulated outlets, switches, covers.


Review of plumbing facilities, change and replacement of any components in poor condition. Change or adjustment of handles, shafts, stems and faucet spouts.

General Finishing

Painting, repair, waterproofing

RIMSA sends the THE CLIENT a schedule with service dates through SAMI

THE CLIENT checks the service dates in SAMI

RIMSA shows up on site to perform the services on the agreed-upon date.
The schedule can be modified at the client’s request, under incidents.

THE MANAGER signs in agreement (work order and service checklist)

THE TECHNICIAN uploads photos of the service in SAMI and the manager inspects the services provided.

The TÉCNICOS conducts an assessment and performs the service.
Photos are taken during the assessment.

THE TECHNICIAN closes the site visit in SAMI with photos of the service (before, during and after).

THE CLIENT receives a completion notification and a photo report.

The client submits a corrective report in SAMI

The system sends a service request report to the RIMSA FACILITY MANAGER assigned crew.

The report is fulfilled by RIMSA under the supervision of the CLIENT and RIMSA
Any specialized work will be carried out after the quote has been authorized by the client

The regional FACILITY MANAGER and the CLIENT get a notification when the report has been completed and when the photo report has been submitted.

closes the report in real time in plataform SAMI

MANAGER signs the service work order to indicate agreement.



Banking & Insurance





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