15 years of excellence and innovation

Ever since we started in the Facility Management sector, we realized that the talent of our people wasn’t enough for our company to become successful nationwide.

How have we grown?
By embracing technological changes to constantly streamline our operational structure, improve customer lead times and ensure excellence in our service while offering competitive costs.

“Our operation’s scalability and flexibility through technological innovation has played a key role in our success.”

Always going the extra mile

Our mission

We provide value by optimizing and streamlining maintenance. The Latin American trades industry tends to be slow, informal, and unreliable.
Additionally, a lack of transparency and nationwide standardized rates, along with poor service make maintenance a complex issue for corporations. RIMSA makes it easy.

Our vision

To position ourselves as the top all-inclusive maintenance expert in the Americas, solving the complexity of having several suppliers for our clients, and accompanying them as they grow in multiple locations.

Our People

The more talented our workforce, the more individual and business growth we can achieve; the diversity of our people represents competitiveness, innovation, productivity, communication and trust.


We make sure that both our executives and technicians have the best resources to support their performance. In addition to technical certifications to maintain high knowledge and safety standards (DC3), we offer our people course and specialization programs to keep growing and improving their skills.


We value our employees and take care of them. Equality and non-discrimination, workplace and overall safety, and a good work environment are some of the attributes that promote our business culture. Furthermore, we offer a flexible time policy, promoting a life-work balance for our employees, respecting vacation periods and maternity/paternity leave.

Our team is our strength.

We value each employee by promoting professional and personal development, equality, inclusion and tolerance.

Our Values


We provide solutions that defy and exceed client expectations.


We drive resource optimization while maintaining quality.


We develop and drive improvements that add value.


We work as a team adding skills that increase outcome effectiveness.


We enjoy what we do with commitment and dedication.


What we say is reflected in what we do. Truth drives how we speak, act and live.